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Chelsea Booth | Director | Monarch Driving SchoolWelcome to Monarch Driving School, my name is Chelsea Booth and Monarch is my pride and joy. I learned to drive in 1999, which was very challenging as I suffered the wrath of an impatient and unprofessional driving instructor. My confidence was at and all time low when I changed driving instructors, but thankfully, second time around I hit the jackpot when a friend recommended an instructor who was patient and reliable. I passed my practical test first time and was thrilled.

Several years later having qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in Milton Keynes I then moved to sunny St. Helens with the ambition of having a driving school that provided the best driving lessons that money can buy - I categorically did not want anyone to have the same bad experience the I endured with my first driving instructor. I founded my driving school which was then called Lady Instructor.

Lady instructor was very successful but clearly, as its names suggests, we were limited to female driving instructors, and so a couple of years later the name had to change, this is when Monarch Driving School was born. It was my aim to have a reliable brand, a driving school that people can trust and where the driving instructors cared about each and every learner driver, and I am happy to say that this has been a success.

Emma Cottington joined my team as a newly qualified driving instructor in 2010, not only was she extremely enthusiastic about teaching people to drive but having come from a management background in retail she was keen to get involved with the business side of things. I am happy to say that Emma and I have worked closely together since this time and have since trained to offer driving instructor training so that we can bring more fantastic driving instructors to Monarch.

Monarch has also been operating a small team in Warrington since 2012 and also offers automatic driving lessons as well as manual in St. Helens and Warrington alike.

In 2014 Sharon Gorham joined the team as our Customer Manager and has since taken over the role of handling customer enquiries. It was always going to take someone very special for me to trust them with this role as I am keen that all contact with our customers should be a first class service. Emma and I are delighted with Sharon’s contribution to the team and the customers enjoy their interaction with her too.

Through the years Emma and I have enjoyed working with many local driving instructors. Some have stayed and some have sadly moved on, but happily we have a steady team who are committed to providing a service that we are proud of.   Emma and I would like to thank Jackie Wynn, Karl Jones, Paul Roylance, Nicky Darbyshire, Sharon Gorham & Paula Peters for your commitment and excellent work in delivering a first class level of instruction in St. Helens... Long may it continue!

Chelsea Booth


Monarch Driving School

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